Milestone Cres & Springfair Ave Townhomes | Aurora

We are Milestone Cres and Springfair Ave townhouse specialists. Over the years, we have sold a large number of these townhouses. Centrally located in downtown Aurora these townhomes are steps from Yonge Street and are easy walking distance to the GO Station, grocery stores and a number of downtown Aurora restaurants.

The complex was build in the late 1970s. And the construction style is referred to as “stacked townhouses”. Aside from referring to the complex as the street names of “Milestone” and “Springfair”, the formal name of the complex is “Country Lane Estates”.

Within the complex there are three different style of units: Garden, Terrace and Carriage. Each unit come with 1 space carport parking. It’s the outlook of the outdoor space and the inside layout for the lower levels that differentiate the unite. The Garden style, as the name suggests, offer green garden space. The outdoor space and the main living room window face outwards on the complex. And for the bottom level, these units offer a crawl space.

The Terrace units in contrast have a fenced in terrace as outdoor space. The outdoor space and main living room window face the interior of the complex. The Terrace units have full basements and some have been renovated and finished off to maximize this additional square footage.

The Terrace and Garden units are similar in square footage. The Carriage units are the largest units in the complex and are mostly situated on the south side off Milestone Cres. They mostly face the ravine and offer both a garden space for outdoor living and a terrace. All units have three bedrooms and depending on possible renovations completed, some units may have more than 1.5 bathrooms or may have additional bedrooms below grade.

What draws buyers to this complex is the amount of square footage the units offer and the location within Aurora. It’s a good neighbourhood. The high school across the street from the Springfair units is one of the top ranked high schools in Aurora. An elementary school back onto the east side of the complex and is easy walking distance for children.

Country Lane Estates is currently undergoing a major overhaul. The complex has gotten a new roof, concrete work, new terrace and decks and paving completed. The work is still ongoing in some sections of the complex.

If you’re a selling interested in selling your unit, please do contact us as we have an active list of buyers looking for units in this complex.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Milestone Cres/Springfair Ave please contact us.

Pictured here is a renovated Terrace unit.