Real Estate Sales Representative

Our Story

I went straight into real estate upon graduating from Queen’s University. Having a love for the outdoors – the mountains, the ocean, ultimately the active lifestyle – I started my career in North Vancouver. I’ll never forget selling my first home to a wonderful client who believed in my abilities, who saw my enthusiasm and passion and who ultimately put her trust in me. It was the very start of my career and now 16 years later I’m still just as passionate and enthusiastic as I was on that first sale.

I started at RE/MAX Crest in North Vancouver in a town where I knew no one. Starting from scratch I dug deep. Having learned the value of hard work from my family – who are all entrepreneurs – and from my years of study at Queen’s, I persisted. My days were long. As crazy as it sounds, I recall showing a property at almost midnight. It was the only time my client could see it before they had to make their final decision. I did it because my focus was and still continues to be servicing my clients. They’re our first priority and our focus.

After nearly a decade of running an award winning real estate business and personally investing in property, we decided to move back to Ontario. Family is important and my connection to the York Region runs deep. Having fond memories of growing up in King City, we decided that it would be a safe and healthy community to raise our children. No doubt starting the business over again was tough. Unlike the first go-round, this time we had more responsibilities and two children in tow. But just as we did when we first started out West, we focused, we persisted and we put our clients first. We adapted to our new environment. We were open and flexible to new ways of doing business. We studied and analyzed the new market and put new systems and strategies in place. We succeeded. It took a tremendous amount of energy and effort but once again our business flourished.

From day one we chose to align with RE/MAX. We do so because the company has a proven track record. It is consistently leading the way forward in an ever changing industry. We want to bring the best to our clients and bringing the RE/MAX brand to the table is just one of the ways we can bring peace of mind.

We recognize that this industry is ever evolving. When selling a house, what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. We know it, we accept it and we adapt. We change with the times. What we don’t change is our work ethic, our honest steady focus, our analytical minds, our persistence to see a job through, and our enthusiasm and passion for this dynamic industry. Contact us today to find out why so many buyers and sellers have trusted us to help them with their move.