Real Estate Update | By the Numbers

We’ve just finished compiling the numbers through the end of June for real estate sales. Our takeaway after reviewing the numbers, is that price points for June 2018 are similar to those we saw back in 2016. The number of sales happening are increasing in comparison to the same period in 2017, but the actual sales volume is still down – in some areas by half or more – in comparison to the amount of sales the market was seeing in 2016 and the years leading up to then. The positive is that the arrow is moving in the right direction after many months of a downward trend. It’s early yet to call it,  but we may have reached the turning point with the York Region/south Simcoe real estate market. An anomaly, however, is the Tottenham market. This market has not had the downward pressure that we’ve seen over the last year – this market has remained strong and continues to remain as such. It’s also one that we’re seeing new types of development come out of it – condos for example – that this town hasn’t historically been known for, but now with a growth in population is seeing.

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