Seeing the Potential | Example Renovation of a Bungalow

We’re demonstrating here what vision can accomplish when viewing a property that requires some work. We currently have a gem of a house on the market at 137 Humber Cres in King City. This property has garnered a lot of attention from interested buyers, and we wanted to showcase here how easily this property can be transformed…without rebuilding it or adding an addition.

Will it take money? Of course, but probably a lot less than you think. A brand new 10 x 10 kitchen with new flooring, cabinets, appliances and granite counters  can be sourced from IKEA at a reasonable price. The existing floors can be re-finished and the walls painted. If you considered finishing off the basement than you would have all that additional living space as well.

Check out the photo gallery for some inspiration. The home pictured here is the exact same genre, built around the same time and has a very similar floor plan. Although Humber Cres actually has a 3rd bedroom whereas the one pictured is a 2 bedroom.